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Industrial Solutions

We offer sophisticated and innovative designs for commercial air conditioning. We provide complete services for the design and construction of air conditioning, ventilation and process cooling for commercial and industrial applications. From the design through the manufacturing process to installation we work with architects, engineers, site supervisors and builders to deliver a customized system based on your project demands. Our focus then moves to the ongoing support, providing a comprehensive service agreement for the commercial system to ensure continued comfort and maximum performance. Please visit our Completed Projects for our portfolio of commercial projects.

Consulting Resources

We are your resource for commercial HVAC design. Whether you're an architect, engineer or design/build contractor, we are happy to be involved at any level of involvement with your project regardless of size or level of completion.

Site Assessment

For all projects, we offer a service to all considering any HVAC solution. We'll meet at your commercial or retail property and perform both a site survey and energy load analysis to determine the right solution for your heating and cooling needs.  When we meet, we'll explain the entire process and set project expectations based on your requirements.

Designing Solutions

We specialize in unique projects.

Smart design is the key to maximize the efficiency of any HVAC system. We have the knowledge and experience to perform an analysis for your unique design or to review an existing design of every system we're involved with.

We work closely with architects, engineers and general contractors throughout the entire design/build process. Our in-house estimating , sheet metal fabrication and plumbing departments give us an edge in bidding and completing fast-track projects on time and on budget.

Build & Installation

We can be involved in all aspects of your project. We will build and install it. But before we do, we'll provide you with a written estimate - including a complete list of equipment to be used and full project timetable. Once agreed, we build out the system and provide full installation as well as maintain and service the system to your specifications. Our experienced installation teams are manufacturer-trained, (state) licensed and insured.

We take pride in the quality and professionalism of our installation team. From installing a boiler to building a complex ventilation system, our mechanics get the job done quickly and efficiently. A fully stocked warehouse gives us the added benefit of having the tools and materials needed when we arrive at the job site.

Service and Support

We know that your new system will be very reliable. However, it does employ basic plumbing equipment - pipes, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, fans and compressors. We are here to help keep your system running smoothly with routine maintenance.

We service entire Western Rajasthan and its surrounding area. We maintain the staff, vehicles and equipment to provide emergency same-day service and regular preventive maintenance. Our service technicians are factory trained in all facets of maintenance, repair and service.

We service all brands of heating and cooling equipment from the smallest rooftop unit to the largest commercial system. We are equipped to service chillers, boilers, computer room systems, pumps, cooling towers, air cleaning systems and more.

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