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We understand the importance of comfort in the workplace. Whether you need a HVAC system or inverter based system we have satisfied customers and years of experience in installing such complex systems. When designing air conditioning systems for business and office environments we consider the control air conditioning has on human productivity as well as human comfort and energy consumption. We can provide the best air conditioning solutions for your business.

Planning more than a room addition? Three-room? Four-room? Renovating a large area? Or need to maintain different comfort levels in separate spaces at once?

We do have the perfect solution: the smart, reliable, duct-free Multi-Split system. The Multi-Split system now used worldwide, is also ideal when there's limited space for outdoor units or insufficient ceiling space for ducting.

Automatic and individual control for each room.

Our Multi-Room cooling system not only brings a touch of elegance to your home/office, but also intelligence. Set each room’s temperature level individually and the system will maintain your preferences automatically, making subtle and constant adjustments to ensure your comfort. Or they can be set to heat, even in low ambient temperatures. Each unit also comes with its own remote controller so you can change your settings at the touch of a button.

A more comfortable environment inside and out.

Like all air conditioner systems, the Multi-Room is designed to run quietly, indoors and out. Plus, unlike conventional air conditioners that stop and start, the Multi-Room uses advanced inverter technology, which reaches the desired temperature faster and maintains it without great fluctuations. By running at energy-conserving speeds, this unique technology enables systems to achieve high energy efficiencies up to SEER 19.5 in some combinations.